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A Brief Hear-Story of Deafness
The history of deafness (Hear-Story)
date createdTue Jul 10 16:32:04 GMT+10:00 2018
Getting used to your hearing aids
Getting used to your new Hearing Aids - you will want to immediately turn the TV down
date createdMon Feb 19 15:52:01 GMT+10:00 2018
A Hearing Aid Can Change Your Life
People who can't hear well struggle to use simple navigation devices because the audio is smothered by background noise Three areas your life will improve are-: 1. Navigate using my mobile in the car 2. Hearing a waiter or bar attendant without asking them to repeat themselves 3. Hearing the TV from a distance
date createdTue Nov 28 13:28:31 GMT+10:00 2017
Get rid of the clunky Hearing Aid
Get rid of the clunky hearing aid and reap the benefits
date createdTue Sep 26 16:53:10 GMT+10:00 2017
Unitron Moxi North - Hearing aid prices Australia - cost comparisons - reviews - brands
Imagine having a phone conversation in your car hands free through both ears (stereo)
date createdFri Sep 01 10:11:35 GMT+10:00 2017
Hearing Aid Future is Here
The Future of Hearing Aids is here - imagine being able to hear in a noisy restaurant
date createdTue Aug 29 11:07:05 GMT+10:00 2017
GN ReSound LiNX 3D - Hearing aid prices Australia - cost comparisons - reviews - brands
The Linx 3D 9 Hearing Aid by award winners ReSound
date createdMon Aug 28 15:05:59 GMT+10:00 2017
How to Compare Hearing Aids
Is your hearing holding you back - you can do something about it.
date createdMon Jul 24 17:39:37 GMT+10:00 2017
ABC Checkout Warns on Hearing Aid Purchases
ABC Checkout Had it up to Hear examines hearing aid industry in Australia
date createdSat Jun 10 15:08:50 GMT+10:00 2017
Latest Hearing Aids
The latest hearing aids - what do they feel like when you wear them?
date createdWed May 31 15:41:37 GMT+10:00 2017
Processing Speed of Hearing Aids
The improvements in Hearing aids with processing speed
date createdWed May 17 15:59:08 GMT+10:00 2017
Hearing In Noise
Video difficult to hear scenarios
date createdFri Apr 28 14:46:03 GMT+10:00 2017
Occlusion effect when wearing hearing aids
Occlusion effect - when wearing hearing aids for certain hearing losses where your own voice annoys you
date createdThu Apr 20 14:26:37 GMT+10:00 2017
Listening better in a noisy world
A great presentation on 5 ways to listen better by Julian Treasure
date createdThu Apr 13 15:36:32 GMT+10:00 2017
Hearing Aids Gold Coast
Another first for HearingAidPrices.com.au fly in 1 stop Hearing Aid service - adjust remotely
date createdThu Apr 06 14:35:42 GMT+10:00 2017
Hearing and your work prospects
Hearing Impairment and decline in your work prospects ages 45-65
date createdSat Apr 01 13:18:32 GMT+10:00 2017
Hearing with Less Effort - Hearing Aids Australia Compare Prices
25 year study shows hearing aids reduce cognitive decline
date createdWed Mar 01 15:05:16 GMT+10:00 2017
Hearing augmentation devices - IQBuds - Hearing Aids Australia Compare Prices
Australian company launch wearable device Assistive Audio with High Fidelity Sound for 'pub deafness'
date createdTue Feb 21 17:06:47 GMT+10:00 2017
Disability or Hearing Loss
Hearing affects job opportunities
date createdThu Feb 02 16:33:25 GMT+10:00 2017


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