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Can Meditation Help Hearing Loss?
Can Meditation Help Hearing Loss? Research suggests it can.
date createdWed Feb 13 16:36:51 GMT+10:00 2019
One Hearing Aid or Two?
One Hearing Aid or wear Two? If you have a hearing loss in both ears the simple answer is two hearing aids. Why? Because that is how your brain is designed to work at its optimal best as explained in this article.
date createdWed Feb 06 17:56:05 GMT+10:00 2019
Hearing Aid Cost Breakthrough 2019
The hearing aid price breakthrough 2019 a pair of premium hearing aids below $6000 including extras and backup
date createdFri Feb 01 13:55:34 GMT+10:00 2019
The iPhone Revolution - Why the iPhone is important to your business
The iPhone Revolution - we take another look at some amazing changes in this article update
date createdMon Dec 10 09:55:24 GMT+10:00 2018
Phonak Audeo M (Marvel) Hearing Aid
Phonak Audeo Hearing Aid is so amazing people without a hearing problem will want one
date createdFri Dec 07 15:56:18 GMT+10:00 2018
Oticon Opn Ambassador
Ambassodor for Oticon Opn hearing aids talks about the improvement in social activities - great video
date createdFri Nov 23 16:29:29 GMT+10:00 2018
Hearing In Noise
date createdThu Oct 11 09:57:20 GMT+10:00 2018
4 Hearing Aid Features you will want
4 Hearing Aid Features you may want to hear better in background noise
date createdFri Sep 21 11:13:47 GMT+10:00 2018
Phonak Virto? B-Titanium - The virtually invisible hearing aid made from titanium!
Phonak Virto? B-Titanium Risk-FREE Trail The virtually invisible hearing aid made from titanium! Super discreet thanks to its paper-thin titanium shell Custom made to fit perfectly in your ear Fully Automatic - Adapts to your specific listening situation
date createdThu Sep 13 15:08:56 GMT+10:00 2018
Timeline Photos
Untreated Hearing Loss linked to Dementia
date createdMon Aug 20 13:46:09 GMT+10:00 2018
Conversations at the pub
Learning to listen again - we start at the pub to test vowels and consonants with a new hearing aid.
date createdThu Aug 09 14:38:34 GMT+10:00 2018
Contact Us - Hearing Aids Brisbane - Hearing Advice - Brisbane - Gold Coast
Great feedback at
date createdMon Jul 30 10:31:36 GMT+10:00 2018
A Brief Hear-Story of Deafness
The history of deafness (Hear-Story)
date createdTue Jul 10 16:32:04 GMT+10:00 2018
Getting used to your hearing aids
Getting used to your new Hearing Aids - you will want to immediately turn the TV down
date createdMon Feb 19 15:52:01 GMT+10:00 2018
A Hearing Aid Can Change Your Life
People who can't hear well struggle to use simple navigation devices because the audio is smothered by background noise Three areas your life will improve are-: 1. Navigate using my mobile in the car 2. Hearing a waiter or bar attendant without asking them to repeat themselves 3. Hearing the TV from a distance
date createdTue Nov 28 13:28:31 GMT+10:00 2017
Get rid of the clunky Hearing Aid
Get rid of the clunky hearing aid and reap the benefits
date createdTue Sep 26 16:53:10 GMT+10:00 2017
Unitron Moxi North - Hearing aid prices Australia - cost comparisons - reviews - brands
Imagine having a phone conversation in your car hands free through both ears (stereo)
date createdFri Sep 01 10:11:35 GMT+10:00 2017
Hearing Aid Future is Here
The Future of Hearing Aids is here - imagine being able to hear in a noisy restaurant
date createdTue Aug 29 11:07:05 GMT+10:00 2017
GN ReSound LiNX 3D - Hearing aid prices Australia - cost comparisons - reviews - brands
The Linx 3D 9 Hearing Aid by award winners ReSound
date createdMon Aug 28 15:05:59 GMT+10:00 2017
How to Compare Hearing Aids
Is your hearing holding you back - you can do something about it.
date createdMon Jul 24 17:39:37 GMT+10:00 2017


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