Choosing an Aid:

The advancement in Hearing aids makes them now an effective tool for anyone with a hearing loss.
Recent technology and high end hearing aids now make the ability to hear in noisy or varying environments possible.
In Australia it is very difficult to get a straight comparison of hearing aids.

Choice conducted a study on 'The types of hearing aid available, the costs, assistance and advice you're likely to encounter when looking for one, and the things to look out for.'

Due to factors in Australia including the governments assistance in purchasing hearing aids our price structure is different from overseas. Check our Compare Products page to look at prices and their variations.

What is the "best" hearing aid on the market?

There is not one "best" hearing aid on the market. A hearing aid that works well for one individual may not produce the same results for someone else since everyone has different listening needs. The "best" hearing aid for you is one that can meet your needs, offers you a good warranty and service, and one that your professional is experienced in fitting.
Good hearing aid companies will allow you to trial one or even two hearing aids before you buy. This can be very helpful because some wearers will weigh up quality of sound, how discrete or hidden it is and the price. Generally established companies have good relationships with suppliers and they get the opportunity to offer trials of hearing aids. Ofcourse you probably will have to sign an agreement that states you must return them undamaged and you may even have your credit details recorded.

In the ear or Behind the Ear Hearing Aid

Whether an in the ear hearing aid is suitable for you depends on your hearing loss. One advantage of a behind the ear model similar to that pictured on the left is comfort. It avoids that plugged up feeling you can get with in the ear aids.

Most audiologists seem to agree that the Behind the Ear Hearing Aid generally have better performance. Also some people have an ear shape that completely conceals an in the ear hearing aid. They may choose this option and get excellent hearing quality eg Phonak make custom-molded aids to the shape of your earcanal for maximum benefit and comfort.
Phonak CIC hearing aids

What if there are problems with the fitting?

Good hearing aid centres will give you 30 days adjustment period. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of being able to hear better and miss minor issues that later you wished you had requested. You may find the domes uncomfortable or slightly the wrong size. You may want a completely different Hearing Aid. For example you purchased one brand but realise that the features of another brand allow you to use your iPhone.

It is not uncommon for good hearing aid centres to allow you to trial a hearing aid or even compare different hearing aids over a period of time. Just read the fine print on what you are liable for should they be damanged. If you sense you are being pressured in any way remember there are always other hearing centres pretty much selling the same product mostly manufactured OS hence ongoing service is important.

Depending on the state you live in - you may be able to have part or all of your hearing aids paid for under Workcover.

There are variances in what level of hearing loss constitutes a claim between states in Australia.

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