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A few useful links for comparing prices and info about hearing.

Hearing aid Prices
Australian Hearing

Hearing aid suppliers in Australia

The following list are companies supplying hearing aids in Australia
Phonak Hearing Aids
ReSound Hearing Aids
Siemens Hearing Aids
Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids
Oticon Hearing Aids
Starkey Hearing Aids
Unitron Hearing Aids
Widex Hearing Aids

The sites are very informative however none that we can see supply a price for a hearing aid.

There seems to be a trend for some companies to operate chains of hearing centres - so it may be very difficult to get an easy price comparison.

About this site

The approach taken personally by me (a hearing aid wearer over many years with various audiologists and brands) is that the hearing aids today are so advanced that those who did not wish to wear them in the past should seek out the right product at the right price in Australia using a qualified established audiologist as I do.
The catalyst for this site was an audiologist offering a free trial of an aid. The aid was fantastic - it is recommended throughout this site, however I wanted to shop around and was amazed at the resistence encounted in doing so. Finally I got the service I needed and ended up a satisfied customer.

This site seeks to promote manufacturers without one brand necessarily being favoured over another because it is really a personal thing and products constantly evolve.

Interested in being a part of this site or joining it - advertising your products etc. contact Phil on 07 55320651.

Being an ethical web developer and SEO specialist endorsements and recommendations are not automatically aquired.

This site will continue to grow and offer a different perspective to purchasing a hearing aid and promote the benefits of todays advanced hearing aids - please enjoy this site!