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Unitron Qunatum 12 Micro CIC Reviews

Unitron Qunatum 12 Micro CIC price $2795

# Channels

Noise Reduction

# Listening Programs

# Wireless Capable

6 Yes 3 no

Completely in the canal hearing aid with Natural Sound Balance, Automatic Adaption Manager and Feedback Manager.
Additional Features include-:

Customer Review

When Robert contacted us he was keen to find a hearing aid that would not give feedback (Squealing sound) when worn under a motor bike helmet. So after referring him to our audiologist we were keen to see how he went. We spoke to Robert about 4 months after he was fitted.

Very happy with them, they are great.

Initially they felt too loud but I got used to it and later had the audiologist out to adjust them up.
I wear them all day sometimes 14 hours.
No one has ever noticed me wearing them. When asked if it is possible to see them side on Robert replied I don't know.

Before in restaurants I would switch off of conversations, now I can talk to people some distance away from me.

I can wear them under my motor bike helmet without any feedback. My own voice sounds ok and is natural.
They are so comfortable, occassionaly itchy, I have forgotten them when going to bed and once only noticed them in the bath when the radio seemed louder.

I don't notice my Tinnitus when I wear my hearing aids, and in loud music I used to sometimes put blu tak in my ears but with these aids my ears are not as badly affected.

I have recommended these to my friends and family.

Robert P McKinnon Vic

Unitron have a good reputation for value for money at this mid range level of hearing aid - we hope this review helps others in their quest for a hearing solution.

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