Hearing Aid Repairs
  • Apr 12, 2013

Hearing Aid Repairs

Updated May 2023

The price of repairs to hearing aids in Australia represents good value.

One manufacturer ReSound have an emergency service that use couriers and have the aid back to you within 48 hours.
They charge $50 for an express service. If you had an important meeting this would be handy.

Things like corrosion can effect hearing aids - people with active lifestyles will put more environmental pressures on their hearing aids.

With hearing aids things can go wrong and if you have a problem outside of your warranty period the prices in Australia are quite reasonable with most manufacturers.

How long should a hearing aid last?

Some audiologists will say you should get 5-7 years out of a hearing aid.
If that is the case it may pay to get the best technology available at time of purchase.
That may mean spending $6000 for the best aids on the Australian market but that works out at around $1000 per year for a remarkable lifestyle improvement.

Some audiologists will recommend visiting for a tune up at least once a year and more regularly when first fitted.

The top of the range hearing aids today work binaurally, and being wireless allow settings to be adjusted using a remote control like device.
The clarity and quality of the hearing aids today mirror the improvements we see in mobile phone technology.


Some audiologists report there are more repairs required for rechargeable hearing aids. However rechargeable hearing aids will be around for a long time to come.

Hearing Aid Tune Up Predatory Pricing

Recently a friend mentioned he had enquired about getting his hearing aid tuned.
It was out of warranty and the original audiologist he had purchased it from had moved away.

The price quoted at one outlet was $2000 just to be a member plus the cost for a tune up of the hearing aid.
My audiologist had recently performed a tune up for a fraction of that cost. Charging only $250 for an appointment.
This is pricing clearly aimed at encouraging the customer to upgrade or prevent people who have purchased hearing aids overseas getting them tuned in Australia.


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