What is the process for buying a hearing aid?
  • Apr 9, 2019

What is the process for buying a hearing aid?

Updated May 2023

Firstly understanding how manufacturers make hearing aids can influence your decision.


Many manufacturers simply make one hearing aid of a certain style and defeature them to a price point.

Hearing aids have a price as well as a value.

The style and shape of a hearing aid can be influenced by the technology it includes.
Features like bluetooth and rechargable usually come with a size increase.

Bluetooth can add a lot of value to your hearing aid - check the amazing features of ReSound LiNX Quattro

Hearing aid technology is increasing exponentially - for example the  Phonak Audeo M (Marvel) Hearing Aid has 42 million transistors on 6 square millimetres.

Do you actually need a hearing aid?

1. you have had your hearing professionally assessed
2. no conditions exist requiring medical or surgical intervention
3. you have a measurable and experiential need for hearing correction
4. you are motivated to wear hearing aids in order to improve your ability to communicate, and
5. you are now doing your due diligence in order to make an informed decision regarding what product to purchase and who to purchase it from.

The next step

At this point you understand the amazing technology behind hearing aids. You also know you definitely have a need for a hearing aid.

It is generally encouraged to wear hearing aids for most of the day - so they need to be comfortable.

With all the apps and features of modern hearing aids you really need someone to guide you properly and offer the widest choice.

Independent hearing aid providers like Hearing Aid Prices are very good at explaining the technology.
For example with some aids you can connect and stream directly into the aids.
You can also Use Headphones with your Hearing Aids  - something that was simply not possible with some previous technologies.

You will need the level of hearing aid that best suits your lifestyle, whether that is value, advanced or premium.

The best price for hearing aids

This site has the best prices for hearing aids
They also have a very good reputation for care.

Without going through this process, price really means little. The important factor is the correct aids and the correct fitting for you and your lifestyle.

Hearing Aid Purchase Process


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